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BLACK+DECKER: Elevating Safety Standards with Superior Quality PPE

BLACK+DECKER is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of power tools, hardware, and home improvement products. With its legacy of over 100 Years of Innovation, the BLACK+DECKER brand is recognized globally for its superior Quality, Design and Value creation.

To continue its focus on the dynamic customer needs, KARAM has partnered with BLACK+DECKER as a Licensee Partner for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

BLACK+DECKER's core competency is to offer PPE of the highest quality standards and provide superlative service to its customers.

With the growing economy, the awareness in the field of industrial safety has risen phenomenally over the last two decades. The willingness of consumers to adapt to the highest quality products without compromising on comfort and reliability has only increased.

It is this endeavor of BLACK+DECKER, through its Head-to-Toe Safety offering, to bring to the Indian market innovative products that the demanding Indian consumers have been seeking.

BLACK+DECKER along with KARAM is therefore, proud to introduce a wide range of world-class PPE that adhere to highest safety standards and would be a benchmark in providing comfort & value. We are sure that with this technology offering, the overall outlook of the consumer to adapt and use PPE will voluntarily change.

BLACK+DECKER offers the following industrial safety product categories :

  • Head Protection : Our safety helmets prioritize comfort and impact resistance, keeping you safe on the job.
  • Eye Protection : BLACK+DECKER Safety provides a variety of safety glasses and safety goggles, ensuring optimal clarity and protection from airborne debris.
  • Ear Protection : Minimize noise exposure with our safety earplugs, promoting a comfortable and safe work environment.
  • Respiratory Protection : Select from a range of BLACK+DECKER respirators, offering optimal protection against dust and other airborne contaminants.
  • Face Protection : Our face shields provide a comprehensive barrier against splashes and flying debris, keeping your face safe.
  • Hand Protection : BLACK+DECKER offers a variety of safety gloves designed to shield hands from cuts, abrasions, chemicals, and extreme temperatures, ensuring optimal hand protection for any task.
  • Protective Workwear : Choose from our selection of durable and comfortable workwear designed to safeguard you from a range of hazards.
  • Safety Footwear : BLACK+DECKER Safety features sturdy and slip-resistant footwear engineered to keep you safe and secure on your feet.