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Face Shield

Facing down falling debris, splashes, and fumes? Unmask your confidence with the KARAM Face Shield. Its high-impact polycarbonate visor stands strong against the unexpected, ensuring your entire face stays safeguarded. Enjoy unobstructed vision thanks to the distortion-free clarity, allowing you to work with precision and maintain complete situational awareness. Lightweight and adjustable, the Face Shield sits comfortably for extended wear, letting you focus on the task at hand, not your gear. The face shield is suitable for grinding, heavy engineering, construction sites, carpentering, forestry, petroleum and chemical industry. Buy the ultimate Face shields at best prices.

Welding Shield

The KARAM face shield stands guard against harmful UV and IR radiation, shielding your eyes and face from the fiery dance of the torch. Adjustable viewing angles let you customize your comfort and visual field, while removable lenses offer flexibility even when welding isn't the task at hand. Anti-glare filters keep your vision sharp, even in the face of blinding sparks, while ventilation slots maintain cool comfort throughout the hottest projects. Choose from IR05 or IR11 lens options to suit your specific welding needs.

For ultimate flexibility, opt for the helmet-mountable shield. This lightweight product seamlessly attaches to KARAM safety helmets, providing full face protection without weighing you down. Forge your welding path with confidence and clear vision. Choose KARAM, and let your passion ignite, not your discomfort.