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KARAM : Setting the Standard in Global Safety Solution

KARAM is a leading global occupational safety brand with a vast portfolio of over 3500 certified products conforming to multiple national and international standards and exporting our safety solutions to over 100 nations.

Our team of 4000 professionals have been relentlessly developing, testing, and evaluating products, earning KARAM a reputation as one of the finest global companies that provide world-class personal protective equipment (PPE), fall protection solutions and fixed-line systems.

We are also a CRISIL A/ Stable/ CRISIL A1 rated company which reflects the robust market position of the entire KARAM Group.

Beyond business, we are a responsible brand that values empowering people, uplifting society and enriching the environment.

We offer the following industrial safety product categories :

  • Respiratory Protection : Breathe easy with KARAM respirators, ensuring optimal protection against harmful airborne contaminants. Choose from our range of masks including FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 and Surgical masks.
  • Head Protection : KARAM helmets prioritize worker safety with robust designs and exceptional impact resistance. Choose from extensive range of helmets.
  • Eye Protection : Our safety glasses and safety goggles offer unparalleled clarity and protection from hazards. Choose from extensive range of safety eyewear.
  • Ear Protection : Minimize noise exposure with our range of safety earmuffs and safety earplugs, promoting worker comfort and safety.
  • Face Protection : KARAM face shields provide a comprehensive barrier against airborne debris and splashes.
  • Protective Workwear : Durable and comfortable workwear designed to safeguard workers from a range of industrial hazards. Choose from extensive range of safety workwear including our exclusive flame-resistant range.
  • Hand Protection : KARAM offers a variety of gloves to shield hands from cuts, abrasions, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.
  • Foot Protection : Sturdy and slip-resistant footwear engineered to keep workers safe on their feet. Choose from extensive range of footwear suitable for various industries.
  • Fall Protection : Our fall protection systems prioritize worker safety at heights, minimizing the risk of falls and injuries.