Product Details

Safety Helmet With Protective Peak and Nape Type Adjustment, PN501

₹ 268 ₹ 315

Safety Helmet With Protective Peak and Nape Type Adjustment, PN501

₹ 268 ₹ 315

Specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of both construction and industrial needs with safety and comfort in mind. Helmet provides triple corrugations on outer shell which gives increased impact resistance quality.

  • Triple corrugation for enhanced strength
  • Slide slots for fitting face and hearing protection accessories
  • Robust design Deflectors on the crown reduces impact of falling object and distributes the impact evenly to prevent injuries
  • Adjustable chin strap and non-irritant head band
  • Safety Helmet is designed to provide utmost protection to the head in high-risk environments like construction sites, industries, workshops, roadworks, etc

Product Specifications

Brand KARAM Model Number PN501
Size --- Color
Shelf Life 3 Years Certification IS: 2925-1984
Material Polymer Warranty 1 Year from the date of Invoice against any manufacturing defect.
Country Of Origin India Product Weight 260 gm
Dimension 155 MM*282 MM*220 MM Ventilation Slots no

How to check effectiveness of a safety helmet?

A helmet certified to either EN 397:2012+A1:2012 or IS 2925:1984 is tested for various stress parameters defined in these standards which help the users with effective protection.

What are the standards of a safety helmet?

Safety Helmets can be certified to EN 397:2012+A1:2012 (European), IS 2925:1984(Indian) and  ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009(American) Standards

What is the Life Expectancy of Hard Hats (additional Information to above)

As a general guideline, most hard hat manufacturers recommend replacing hard hats every five years regardless of outside appearance. If you work under extreme conditions, such as exposure to high temperatures, chemicals,or sunlight, hard hats should be replaced after two years of use

What can I wear under my safety helmet?

Nothing, as it can reduce the effectiveness of a safety helmet.

What do the different safety helmet colors mean?

Helmet should adhere to the following colour scheme on sites :  White - for site managers, competent operatives and vehicle marshalls Black - for site supervisors. Orange - for slingers and signallers. Blue - for all other site visitors.

Can I paint or put decals on my safety helmet?

According to OSHA It is recommended not to use adhesives or stickers on Safety Helmet unless you receive specific approval by the manufacturer

Is it safe to wear a safety helmet backward?

As per OSHA, safety helmets sohuld be worn the way they were designed
unless the manufacturer certifies that a it can be worn backward.

My safety helmet is dirty or soiled. How can I clean it?

You can clean your safety helmet with lukewarm soapy water and soft cloth. If your helmet remains filthy, replace it. Using dissolvent for cleaning is not recommended.

When should I replace my helmet?

In general terms the helmet should be replaced every three years based upon industry testing,however to maintain the helmet, the complete head harness insert must be replaced every two years.
Some customers elect to replace the entire helmet at this time or sooner dependent on its overall condition.

How to care and store safety helmets ?

Safet Helmets should be cleaned with warm water and soap, on a regular basis. It must be stored in a clean dry area away from sunlight, not subjected to extremes of heat, cold or humidity.
Replace the Helmet immediately, if it is cracked, dented or shows any signs of wear and tear