Product Details

EXEC Steel Toe Double Density Breathable Brown Safety Shoe,FS61

₹ 4144 ₹ 4621

EXEC Steel Toe Double Density Breathable Brown Safety Shoe,FS61

₹ 4144 ₹ 4621

Executive Safety Shoe equipped with all the features of comfort, robust looks and highest level of safety. Ideal for use in Construction, Telecommunication, Automotive, Chemicals, Logistics, Transportation, Manufacturing, Maintenance and General Ind ... see more

  • Double density PU/PU sole
  • Antistatic, Chemical, heat and slip resistant with anti fatique shock absorbing property
  • Round brown laces. Brown leather upper and beige lining. The breathable drylex lining, 3D fabric being used as a quarter lining in the Shoes prevents moisture and perspiration, and provides high sweat absorption property for a dry feel. It is also highly resistant to abrasion
  • Has Steel Toe
  • withstand impact of upto 200 Joules energy

Product Specifications

Brand KARAM Model Number FS61BR_SWDAMN
Size Color ---
Shelf Life 6 Months Certification EN ISO 20345:2011
Material Buff Crazy Horse Tan Leather Oil/Acid Resistance Yes
Anti Slip Resistance Yes Toe Cap Material Steel
Impact Resistance Yes Warranty 6 Months from the date of Invoice against any manufacturing defect.
Country Of Origin India Product Weight 1.25 KG
Dimension 25.59 inch*16.73 inch*14.57 inch

Is it safe to buy safety shoes online?

Yes, you can buy and get authentic safety shoes from credible online sources. 

Safety shoes good for hiking/trekking?

Having the right equipment is key to serve the intended purpose, and hiking/trekking is no exception. If you don't have traditional hiking boots, wearing work safety shoes can be a viable option. However, it is always advisable to wear the special-purpose trekking boots.

Does safety shoes need any marking as ISI?

Yes. A certified Safety Shoes will always have certification marking on it

How long do safety shoes last?

Different variant of Safety Shoes have different shelf lives.

What features do safety shoes possess for complete protection?

Refer to the relevant Standard-

Do you have safety shoes designed especially for a warm environment?

As of now we do not have safety shoes designed especially for a warm environment.

Do you have safety shoes designed especially for a wet environment?

Yes, we do have Safety Shoes designed for working in wet environments. These shoes are waterrepellent and provides extreme comfort in long working hours.

Do you have safety shoes designed especially for working with oil and acids?

Yes, we have many models of Safety Shoes especially designed for working with oil and acids

Why do I need a steel toecap

Steel toe cap is  designed to protect your foot from unanticipated injuries

How do I get a proper fit when purchasing shoes?

Sizes are mentioned under the sole. Refer it for better fit

What sizes are available in safety shoes ? What is my safety shoe size ?

US Size- 3 to 13. Measure you foot size as per your standard fit.

What are the different type of toes in a safety shoe ?

There are two kinds of toes in Safety Shoes- Steel and Composite toe

What are the various certification determined for safety shoes?

Safety shoes can be certified from ISI (Bureau of Indian Standards) and CE (European) standards

What are the different composition of a shoe sole?

composition of a shoe sole-PU, PU/PU, PU/Nitrile, PU/TPU, EVA/Rubber, Nitrile

What is Poly-Urethane?

Polyurethane is a chemical in liquid form and is used for making shoe soles.

What is TPU? Benefitsof TPU?

A TPU is a outsole of a shoe and is made from thermoplastic polyurethane.
Benefits of TPU:
•    Rigid
•    Lightweight
•    Highly resistant to most oils and chemicals.
•    Provides abrasion resistance

What is nitrile rubber Sole?

Nitrile Rubber Sole is made from a type of higher heat resistant rubber which can sustains surface resistance to hot contact upto 300 degree C for one minute. Also, shooes with this sole are lightweight, flexible and offers good slip, tear, oil and abrasion resistance.

What is the difference between double-density shoes and single-density shoe?

Shoes having Single Density Sole are injection moulded once onto the Shoe. Single Density outsole imparts high level of energy absorption.Shoes having Double Density Sole are injection moulded twice onto the Shoe. These Double Density outsole offer excellent abrasion resistance, slip resistance, extra comfort and flexibility

What are the different types of shoe outsoles?

different types of shoe outsoles are as follows: PU, PU/PU, PP/Nitrile, PU/TPU, EVA/Rubber, Nitrile

What are different types of insoles?

 Antisistic non-woven Insole and Punture resistant Insole made from Aramid

What are S1, S2 and S3 shoes ?

hese are the protection classes offered by EN ISO standards. This merely refers to the extent of a hazard to which the shoe protects against.
S1 - As well as basic toe protection and slip-resistant sole, S1 means the shoe also has antistatic protection, is oil resistant and offers energy absorption in the heel. Other safety features may be added.
S2 - All of the features as S1, along with waterproof exterior so prevents water penetration and offers absorption in the upper shoe.
S3 - All of the features as S2, along with midsole penetration resistance . in simple words,  these shoes are puncture proof. For example, a steel midsole prevents sharp objects from piercing through the sole.

How to care and store safety shoes ?

•    Wipe your shoes regularly with dry cotton cloth to remove the dust and enzymes accumulating on the upper surface of leather.
•    Use wax polish on your leather shoes at least once in a week. This increases the shoe life by penetrating the leather surface and protects from moisture or water spills.
•    Even water repellent shoes are not water proof, so avoid getting your shoes drenched. If they do become wet, immediately soak up the moisture inside-out using newspaper and allow to air-dry
Shoes should always be stored in a clean box or in their original shoe boxes.