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K-Air 3 Ply Meltblown Disposable Surgical Face mask with nose Clip, RFM50

₹ 154 ₹ 700

K-Air 3 Ply Meltblown Disposable Surgical Face mask with nose Clip, RFM50

₹ 154 ₹ 700

Surgical 3 ply mask with standard earloops designed to filter air contaminants, viruses, bacterial micro-organisms, dust, pollen and smoke. Allows the user to breathe easy and germ free with wide coverage over the face. Minimizes breathing difficulti ... see more

  • 3 LAYERS DESCRIPTION :- OUTER LAYER :- Water-repellent material made of non-woven Polypropylene, SECOND LAYER :- Single layer of Melt Blown non-woven polypropylene having Sub-Micron Particulate and Bacterial filtering efficiency of more than 98%, INNER LAYER :- Made of hypoallergenic, sweat absorbent Polypropylene non-woven material, hence does not allow sweat to build up.
  • ELASTIC EARLOOPS :- Soft elasticated earloops, Hypoallergenic elasticated material that is latex-free and sweat absorbent, One size fits all. NOSE CLIP and SEALING :- Internally bonded nose-clip which is not exposed. Pliable yet firm, so as to rest on the nose comfortably. Edges & Earloops are both Ultrasonically sealed. CARE CARE INSTRUCTION: Non Washable
  • MULTIPURPOSE USES: Ideal for use at doctor’s clinics, hospital, dental clinics, caterers, beauty shops, by professionals & people with allergies for utmost personal care. Can Be Used In Both Indoor And Outdoor Environment For Day To Day Activities. Protects From Saliva Droplets Released When Someone Sneezes Or Coughs
  • DISPOSAL:GENERAL HOUSEHOLD: Tear the Mask completely or break at least one of the ear loops by pulling it apart so that it cannot be reused.Discard in a separate covered bin.Keep the bin for atleast 72 hours.Give away the bin contents to a recycler.HOSPITAL: Follow Hospital Waste Management procedures

Product Specifications

Brand KARAM Model Number RFM50
Size Color
Shelf Life 3 Years Certification Certified to IS 16289:2014 Class 3
Material Non-Woven Polypropylen Warranty 1 Year from the date of Invoice against any manufacturing defect.
Country Of Origin India

Who should wear a mask?

People above the age of 2 and more should wear a mask.

What are some key differences between a face covering, a surgical mask, and a respirator?

•  N95 respirators are considered respiratory protection. If worn correctly, N95 respirators offer excellent protection upto 95%  against COVID-19 due to their advanced filter material and snug fit feature

•  A Surgical mask is meant to be used by medical personnel during surgeries

•  Face coverings are not considered respiratory protection. Made from cloth it does not efficiently filter Covid-19 as it does not have filtering fabric 

How do I clean my Face Mask?

Only reusable mask should be washed whenever it gets dirty. Reusable mask can be washed with tap water and soap and can be hanged in direct sunlight to dry completely.

Can I clean my Face Mask in the washing machine?

Reusable masks can be cleaned with warm soapy water, disinfectant spray or in a washing machine  whenever it gets dirty. If you have a disposable face mask never attempt to wash it. 

How should I store my face mask?

You can store your mask temporarily to reuse later. Remove your mask correctly and wash your
hands after touching a used mask. Keep it in a dry, breathable bag (like a paper or mesh fabric bag) 
to keep it clean between uses. 

What is the proper way to put on my Face Mask?

•  Hold the Mask with clean hands and place it on your nose and mouth. 
• Place the ear loops and headbands. 
• Adjust the fitting
• Press nose clip to close gaps.
Ensure the Mask should perfectly seal your nose and mouth and takes the shape of your face perfectly. 
Conduct the fit test by exhalaing to check whether the Mask has sealed completely.There sohuld be no air leaks.

Can I re-use my face mask?

Only reusable mask you can re-used. Surgical mask should be change after every use.  N95 and FFP Mask can be worn for for a total of 12 hours

Can I remove my face mask to talk with other people?

No. it is strictly not recommended to pull or remove your mask while talking as it can deafeat the purpose of wearing a mask.

Do children need to wear a face mask?

As per Covid-19 guidelines, children above the age of 2 are recommended to wear the mask. It is important for parents to follow local and state requirements for masking in any situation

What is a respirator?

A respirator is a type of PPE  designed to protect the wearer against the inhalation of hazardous fumes, vapours, gases and particulate matter such as dusts and airborne micro organisms.

How long can a particulate respirator be used before it must be discarded?

The disposable particulate respirator can be worn for a total of 10-12 hours and should immediately be discarded when Mask filters gets cloggedwith dust particles which is indicated by increase in breathing resistance

If employees have a beard or moustache, is their respirator still effective?

Facial hair, like beards, can potentially hinder the sealing of Mask over the face. To have a better fit, people with beards can shave their beards or trim their beards

If employees get a rash when they wear a respirator with a latex seal, how can this be prevented?

Some people are allergic to the protein component of natural latex. Therefore its advide to use a product
 which is made up of latex free components.

How to care and store masks ?

You can store your mask temporarily to reuse later. Remove your mask correctly and wash your hands after
touching a used mask. Keep it in a dry, breathable bag (like a paper or mesh fabric bag) to keep it clean.