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What is eye and face protection?

Eye protection protects the wearer's eye from chemical splashes, laser radiation and/or flying debris. Face protection is achieved by wearing face shields. These shields extend from the eyebrows to below the chin and across the width of the wearer's head. Face shields protect against potential splashes or sprays of hazardous liquids.

If employees wear eyeglasses with prescription lenses, are these considered eye protection?

The employee who wears prescription lenses while engaged in operations that involve eye hazards must wear eye protection that incorporates the prescription in its design, or wear the safety eyewear that can be worn over the prescription lenses without disturbing the position of the prescription lenses

Can employees wear glasses while wearing eye and face protection?

Yes, they can. As there are safety spectacles especially designed for people who wear prescription glasses.

My employees work in shifts. Could I provide one pair of protective eyewear for each position instead of each employee?

Yes. You may do this. However, you must disinfect shared protective eyewear after each use. If the goggles or spectacles do not have to be individually designed to incorporate an employee's corrective lenses and you disinfect the eyewear between uses by different employees, more than one employee may use the same set of protective eyewear.

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