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Step into Safety with KARAM : Your Industrial Safety Shoes Partner

Industrial environments demand unwavering protection. Your feet, the foundation of your workday, deserve the best. KARAM safety shoes go beyond safeguarding your steps – they empower you to conquer any challenge with confidence and comfort providing the best foot protection. KARAM has also introduced its Flytex shoes that are a blend of breathability, comfort, safety, style are the perfect lightweight safety shoes.

Buy industrial safety shoes, including construction safety shoes and for use in other industries. We offer a wide variety of worker safety shoes, including ladies safety shoes, from KARAM, at the best prices, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs.

1. Built to Endure :

  • Uncompromising quality : Crafted with premium materials like grain leather and PU outsoles, our industrial safety shoes are built to withstand harsh conditions, resisting punctures, chemicals, and heat.
  • Long-lasting durability : Experience exceptional wear and tear resistance, ensuring your safety shoes investment lasts for a long time.
  • Wide range of options : Whether you need steel toe shoes or composite toe options, KARAM offers a diverse selection of safety shoes to match your specific needs and industry.

2. Comfort that Keeps You Going :

  • Ergonomic design : Enjoy a comfortable fit that adapts to your movements, minimizing tiredness and maximizing productivity.
  • Breathable linings : Stay cool and dry even in hot environments, allowing your feet to breathe throughout the day.
  • Lightweight construction : Experience agility and flexibility without sacrificing protection.

3. Compliance and Trust :

  • Certification : Our safety shoes meet strict safety standards, ensuring you have the peace of mind of reliable protection.
  • Competitive pricing : Get the best safety shoes with steel toe and composite toe at the best price without compromising on safety or comfort.

4. Finding the Perfect Fit : Ankle Length Options

KARAM understands that different work environments require different levels of support. We offer a variety of ankle lengths to suit your specific needs :

  • Low Ankle Safety Shoes : Provide lightweight comfort and breathability, ideal for indoor environments or tasks requiring agility.
  • High Ankle Safety Shoes : Offer additional support and protection for your ankles, well-suited for uneven terrain or areas with falling objects.

5. Uncompromising Protection : Toe Type Variety

The type of toe protection you choose depends on the potential hazards in your workplace. KARAM offers a range of industrial safety shoes options to ensure optimal safety :

  • Steel Toe Shoes : Provides maximum impact protection against falling objects and heavy machinery. Made from Carbon steel and has a highly corrosion resistant surface. Tested as per EN 12568:2010.
  • Composite Toe Shoes : Offers a lighter alternative to steel while still safeguarding your toes from impacts. Made of high strength polymer. Tested as per EN 12568:2010.

6. Reliable Foundation : Sole Type Selection

KARAM provides various sole types to match diverse working conditions :

1. Single Density PU Sole :

  • Key features : Lightweight, flexible, and offers excellent slip resistance.
  • Benefits :  Provides electrical insulation, making it suitable for work environments with potential electrical hazards like electronics and automotive industries.

2. Double Density PU Sole :

  • Key features : Combines a softer top layer for comfort with a denser under layer for enhanced durability and shock absorption.
  • Benefits:  Provides superior slip resistance and traction, making it ideal for construction sites, logistics, and other demanding environments.

3. TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Sole :

  • Key features :  Highly durable, abrasion-resistant, and offers excellent flexibility in cold temperatures.
  • Benefits :  Provides superior chemical resistance and slip resistance, making it suitable for various industrial applications.

44. Nitrile Sole :

  • Key features: Exceptionally resistant to oil, chemicals, and solvents.
  • Benefits :  Offers excellent slip resistance on wet and oily surfaces, making it ideal for heavy-duty industrial environments like oil rigs, chemical plants, and refineries.

7. KARAM : Your One-Stop Safety Shop:

Invest in your safety, invest in your future. Choose KARAM safety shoes and experience the difference in foot protection. Explore our diverse collection today and find the perfect pair to empower every step.